Scouts working on an Eagle Project benefitting animals in the Wildmind sanctuary.

Coastside girls earn Eagle Scout, make history

July 19, 2023

Coastside Eagle Scout makes history Coastside girls earn Eagle Scout, make history Girls make their way in BSA Updated Jul 19, 2023  Eighteen-year-old Skye Larsen, of El Granada, made Scouting history this spring by becoming the first member of the all-female Scouts BSA Troop 4255 to earn the prestigious Eagle Scout rank. Mary Mahon, scoutmaster for…

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Scouts building computers for ALAS

Scout helps peers build computers

July 12, 2022

Scout helps peers build computers Eagle project helps ALAS youth By Grace Scullion July 12, 2022 A local Boy Scout demonstrated that to do justice to the Scout motto, “Be prepared,” he needs 21st-century technological skills, in addition to being able to start a fire and improvise a tourniquet. Seventeen-year-old Lucas Velyvis, of Moss Beach,…

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A Sign That Matters

July 15, 2020

By Erica Courtney Have you ever walked around and noticed project markers that show a Boys Scout troop’s involvement in something? It could be a trail, a barrier to protect habitat, improvements within schools or churches, structures that were built, food and cloths drive for the needy and more? Have you ever thought about the…

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New Boy Scouts Have Historic Camp Out

March 13, 2019

Coast’s First all-girl troop celebrates at Sweetwood By Sarah Griego Guz Earlier in February, the first all-girl Boy Scouts of America troop on the coast launched its first meeting. One month later, the troop is nine members strong. Megan Claussen, Niamh Abrash, Sara Hunt, Catalina Gonzalez-Johnson, Fiona Larsen and Skye Larsen were the six who…

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During the Rock the Coast Wine Concert at The San Benito House on Saturday, May 24, 2014.

Cubs Cross Over to Boy Scouts

June 5, 2014

Local Scout pack graduates Article by Stacy Trevenon. Photos courtesy Julie Graff They wore uniforms instead of choir robes, but the nine boys who stepped over a physical and metaphorical bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts in the “Crossing Over Ceremony” on May 22 at the Community United Methodist Church were devoted to the…

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